Board of Directors

Our mission is to provide homeless and abandoned cats and dogs with medical care and a loving environment until they are matched with their forever homes

Mitzi Berkland, Secretary / Treasurer

Dr. John Holcomb had a vision of creating a resource for neglected animals in Madison County when he opened his veterinary practice in 2008. A few years passed and the opportunity finally came to the top of his to do list in December of 2016. He created a board of directors made up of animal loving individuals and a group with a mission to find homes for abandoned animals evolved. Lucky Paws of Madison County is a 501 (c) (3) non profit animal shelter. Today our animals are housed in designated areas within Cedar Creek Animal Clinic, although we have a vision of eventually expanding and creating a separate facility. We ae excited to be one of the local animal shelters helping with animal adoption in Winterset.

John Holcomb, President

Jenny Braun

Brandi Kanselaar

​Becky Kincade

Lucky Paws of madison county          

a local animal shelter in Winterset, iowa